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You can rely on our experienced veterinary team’s knowledge of small mammals, birds, and reptiles.  Dr. Rubinstein is residency trained in Avian and Exotic medicine and has both taught and taken multiple continuing education courses related to reptile, avian, and small mammal husbandry, nutrition, medicine and surgery.  Husbandry issues such as temperature, light types, and nutrition are particularly important when dealing with exotic pets, and sadly remain the main cause of exotic pet illness and death. At Four Paws we not only offer complete physical exams, but every visit includes a comprehensive review of your pet’s husbandry and recommendations on how it may be improved, if needed.  Please fill out a husbandry review form, and schedule your appointment today!


Four Paws Veterinary Hospital is Riverview’s premier Veterinary Hospital and Animal Clinic.

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Our team consists of three Veterinarians, and a complete staff of trained Veterinary Technicians.

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