Sparks – Resident Feline


Sparks was abandoned in a retirement community in Dade City at about 9 months of age. She was being temporarily fed by several ladies in the park, but unfortunately no one was able to take full responsibility for her and she was in need of medical care.

She came to our attention through the parents of one of the employees of Four Paws Veterinary Hospital. She was in need of a home and we were looking for a “Hospital Kitty”. Our only criteria was that she was friendly and given that she kept trying to get in everyone’s house that did not seem to be an issue.

She came to us thin, infested with fleas, intestinal parasites and a nasty stomach worm that took several treatments to clear up. We also vaccinated and spayed her shortly after she came to live with us. We have grown to love her and can’t imagine a day here in the hospital without her. As you can see in the picture, she is right at home on her “Queen’s” throne!

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